Paleolithic remains found in southern China

Paleolithic remains found in southern China

In December 2008, scientists from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP), the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Youjiang Museum of Nationalities, conducted a small investigation around the Liuhuaishan deposit (China) and located three areas with possible paleolithic remains. After extensive analysis, they have found a collection of 37 stone objects.

The objects found include numerous shapes and are composed of quartzite, silica sand and siltstone.. The size of the remains is relatively large and most of the tools were retouched with pebbles. This fact has allowed researchers to link the finding with other deposits in southern China, since the use of tools that contained pebbles is something particular to the area.

The analysis that the experts are carrying out is the Stratigraphic observation of the vermiculated red soil and the comparison of the age of the tektites. The results of both suggest that the three areas where the objects have been found date from an early Middle Pleistocene phase. In addition, they have also established that the zones have the same vermiculated red earth and that they show the same technical characteristics corresponding to an even larger zone.

The IVPP professor, co-author of the study and designer of the research, Gao xing, comments that “with these details", They will be able to carry out a new project that,"by stratigraphic and chronological control”Will help to understand human behavior in open-air deposits in southern China.

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