They find abundant Roman objects in Jaén

They find abundant Roman objects in Jaén

Spanish archaeologists have found abundant Roman material in the archaeological site of Villanueva de la Reina in Jaén. It is the place where the old hermitage of Santa Potenia was located.

The investigation is led by the archaeologist Juan Nicas and it was launched thanks to the collaboration of the local council. According to sources from the Junta de Andalucía, abundant pieces of Roman construction have been recovered at the site and other valuables that could belong to different historical periods. The first estimates date the objects from the 1st century to the 17th century.

The most abundant remains are the "you regulate”, Which would be moldings, remains of ceramic composed of "terra sigillata”And an oven. These tests would link the findings with the Roman period and they would be the catalyst for new excavations in the area to search for more remains belonging to that historical time.

According to experts, the finds also include wall structures containing Muslim tiles and it could belong to the old Hermitage of Saints Idelfonso and Bartolomé de Rivas, where Santa Potency lived. The acting Government delegate of the Junta de Andalucía in Jaén, Purificación Gálvez, explains: “These data reveal new details about the history of Villanueva de la Reina that, on the other hand, confirm the relationship of the municipality with the old Iliturgi”.

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