1,400-year-old olive oil press found in Israel

1,400-year-old olive oil press found in Israel

A 1,400-year-old olive press it has been discovered in an archaeological dig last week in the city of Modiin. The press was used to produce olive oil and it's the old object more complete and elaborateof the date in the area. The press was discovered by archaeologists employed by the Israel Antiquities Authorities near the Kaiser neighborhood, which is scheduled to be expanded.

Olive press found in Israel

Hagit turga, who runs the place, said Thursday: “The old and large (48 square meters) olive press, which produced industrial quantities of olive oil for consumption and lighting, was perfectly preserved along with all its components intact. This includes a crushing mechanism to initially squeeze the olives, a pressing mechanism with two pillars used to stabilize a heavy cylinder that crushed the olives, and a screw base used to operate the cylinder.”.

The oil was collected in a basin that has also been preserved intact. Other small marble and ceramic objects were found at the site", He says Turga.

The Israel Antiquities Authorities, the Ministry of Housing and Construction and the Maccabim-Reut Municipality are cooperating for keep discovery and show it to residents of the soon-to-be-built neighborhood, as well as visitors to nearby Anava Park.

Archaeological excavations have taken place near Modiin for many years, and the antiquities authorities have covered many areas around the city in an investigation of ancient finds. The authorities have done extensive work on Givat Titora, which is currently a integrated part of the city. The area is within walking distance of the city center and has become a botanical and archaeological sanctuary.

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