They find some ruins that could offer clues about the White City in Honduras

They find some ruins that could offer clues about the White City in Honduras

Some archaeological ruins in the La Mosquitia sector could offer clues about the so-called White City or Lost City, a mythical pre-Columbian city, according to the Honduran authorities.

Virgilio Paredes, the director of the Institute of Anthropology and History, comments that when analyzing a wooded area of ​​the La Mosquitia sector they could see "the existence of archaeological ruins"In an area known as"White City or Lost City”.

They could have found the "White City" in Honduras

According to oral tradition of the Petch Indians, the Spanish conquerors reached the imposing sacred city. Paredes says: "We know there is something and we have to enter that area to find out more about what culture it was that inhabited”In the wooded area of ​​La Mosquitia.

Paredes and a team of Honduran and American experts who have been immersed in the investigation,presented the archaeological findings to the president of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo.

Steve Helkins, an archaeologist from the United States, says that the site “opens the possibility of scientific investigations of what would be the discovery of the century", So they will continue"conducting analysis and collecting data”In La Mosquitia.

The president said that the finding “should be taken with caution"So that everything that keeps the place"disclosed in its entirety and with certainty to the international community" In the near future.

The discovery was made by the American company ‘Scientific Hotels ’. They were in the area studying the terrain, flora and fauna of La Mosquitia due to their intention to make a documentary.

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