A replica of a Bronze Age ship sinks on its maiden voyage

A replica of a Bronze Age ship sinks on its maiden voyage

The maiden voyage of a mid-size replica of a Bronze Age vessel 3,500 ago had to be aborted as it sank upon entering the water. The Canterbury Christ Church University spokeswoman explained how the ship began to leak water as soon as it landed in the port of Dover (United Kingdom).

The ship construction It was carried out by a specialized team of archaeologists, who composed it at the Dover museum. The replica was created a few meters from the overpass where the original ship was discovered, which dates from the Bronze Age about 3,500 years ago.

The spokeswoman commented that did not go as planned, so they had to settle for “another type of ceremony”. According to the description provided by the authorities, there was a crane that had constant control over the ship. As it was submerged in the water, it began to flood.

In the coming days, the boat will be moved to a trailer on the boardwalk so visitors can take a look and talk with the archaeologists in charge of the project. The university spokeswoman has no doubt that it will succeed: «They are going to fix it and they are going to try to do this again. It's a bit disappointing for them, but since they were so tight on time they couldn't do a test before”.

The construction and commissioning of the vessel was the first stage of a three-year program, which is how the project is divided. The ship will be taken to France, where it will be the centerpiece of the great international exhibition "Beyond the horizon: the La Mancha and North Sea Societies 3,500 years ago”And will premiere in Boulogne-sur-Mer on June 30. Subsequently, it will go to Belgium in December and return to Dover in July next year. The intention behind the project is to increase awareness of the common cultural heritage in France, the UK and Belgium.

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