They discover a prehistoric panda in Spain

They discover a prehistoric panda in Spain

Fossilized remains of various specimens have been discovered primitive panda genetically related to China's endangered giant panda, a new study reveals.

A team of Spanish researchers, including experts from the National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN-CSIC), found that the species Agriarctos beatrix was a plantigrade omnivore related to giant pandas.

The fossilized remains of the specimens have been discovered in a Nombrevilla deposit 2, in the province of Saragossa. Researchers from the MNCN-CSIC and the University of Valencia suggest that the creature lived during the Miocene period, 11 million years ago.

This type of bear was small, even smaller than the Malay bear specimens, the smallest today. It should not exceed 60 kilos in weight", He says Juan Abella, a researcher from the department of paleobiology at the MNCN-CSIC and main author of the study, published by the publication of Geological Institute.

Although it is difficult to know his outward appearance due to only his fossilized teeth have been found, scientists say the animal could have a black fur with white spots located mainly on the chest, around the eyes and possibly near the tail.

This pattern is considered primitive for bears, similar to that of the giant panda, which has large spots that appear to be white with black spots.”Says Abella.

The causes that led their extinction they are yet to be determined.

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