Greek mythology: the curse of Cassandra

Greek mythology: the curse of Cassandra

If there is any cruel curse is undoubtedly to know the evils that are going to happen and not being able to do anything to avoid it, this being the fatal fate of Cassandra during the well-known Trojan War.

Cassandra belonged to the trojan royalty being the daughter of Priam and from his wife Hecuba, kings of troy.

She was an ambitious young woman and wanted to have a special gift, so who prayed day and night to the god Apollo, god who was mainly worshiped in the city, to grant him the power of theclairvoyance in order to predict the future.

Apollo, in love with the beautiful girlHe decided to grant it once she had given him her love. When he had already granted his wish, Cassandra he denied his love by Apollo, which angered the god.

The latter, seeing himself humiliated by a mere mortal, decided curse her.

Since then I could guess the future but I couldn't avoid events as no one would ever believe his predictions.

Cassandra and the Trojan War

Shortly afterwards, the well-known Trojan war, produced by the abduction of Helena by Paris.

Cassandra warned the kings and the people what was going to happen but no one believed her.

Together with Laoconte, tried to prevent the famous wooden horse from being brought into the city hiding the Greek army within, but his efforts were in vain.

He also predicted the death of Laochon himself But, like his previous predictions, no one believed his words.

When the city fell into Greek hands, Cassandra fled to the temple of Athena in hopes of not being found, but Ajax found her taking her to the Greek camp.

Once there, the loot was distributed among the winners and she was given to king Agamemnon, making her his slave and lover.

The death of Agamemnon

Once by his side, Cassandra had the vision of the death of the king and his own if they returned to Greece but, like so many other times, her words were in vain, the king did not believe her and set sail for his homeland.

When they both got to Mycenae, were killed by Clytemnestra, the king's wife.

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