Early Stone Age houses excavated in Prague

Early Stone Age houses excavated in Prague

The Czech Society of Archeology (CSP) has announced the discovery of the remains of houses dating back more than 7,500 years in the Bubenec district in Prague, as well as a burial place what have the half time.

We have managed to unearth the impressions of the wooden support structures of the so-called long houses, typical in the Neolithic period.”Says CSP director and researcher Raked Balý, quoted by the Czech news agency CTK. The long houses were typical of the Linear Ceramic culturein much of Europe at the time.

Representation of houses from the Stone Age

Over the years, Bubenec has proven to be a fertile place for finds from the early Stone Age to the Bronze Age. Balú says that the area has been continuously populated for thousands of years.

Last April, Czech archaeologists working in Bubenec discovered what the international tabloid press decided to call the tomb of the ‘gay caveman ', in fact, the only grave from the late Stone age from a transsexual man or a 'third gender' from between 2,500 and 2,800 BC. in the era of the call Ceramic Wire culture in the Czech Republic.

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