Heinrich Himmler, the deadliest of the Nazis

Heinrich Himmler, the deadliest of the Nazis

On October 7, 1900, one of the most ruthless and cruel Nazi leaders: Heinrich Himmler. It reached great levels of power, being commander in chief of the SS (Schutzstaffel - Defense Squads) and Minister of the Interior. But it would be interesting to see how he came to achieve that relevance within the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) and within the Nazi government.

Since I was little, Himmler was isolated by the rest of his companions, due to his weak musculature. Although his father tried to make him gain muscle mass, it was impossible for him to achieve it, so he ended up dedicating himself to the study of philology and philosophy. He tried to enter the Army and the Navy but was rejected due to his physical deficiencies. With the outbreak of the Great War, He was presented with a new opportunity to volunteer at the front. But he was not too lucky, as he was rejected due to his myopia.

During those years and until 1922, he finished his studies in Agronomy at the University of Munich. Two years later joined the NSDAP, as idolized Adolf Hitler, and developed its theories of blood and earth. The rest of the decade helped him to rise within the party, while demonstrating his enormous organizational capacity. In 1927 he was appointed Reichsführer of the SS (head of the SS). However, the SS continued subordinate to the SA (assault sections) until in 1933 he was promoted to Gruppenführer (Group leader) of the SA and separated both groups.

While in charge of the H.H, delegated the dirty work to his subordinates Reinhard Heydrich and Karl Wolff. Together with Heydrich he developed the racial policy established by Hitler. He tried to carry out an uprising in Austria but failed, so he focused on Germany. There he conducted great experiments in concentration camps to prove his theories about the Aryan race. He used political prisoners and those incarcerated due to their race or religious belief as laboratory guinea pigs. To preserve the German lineage, he ordered that all SS men must have at least 4 children.

But what would really lift Himmler and the SS to the pinnacle of terror would be their exterminations.. He turned labor camps into death camps where Jews, Gypsies, Slavs and political dissidents were killed in gas chambers or at the hands of firing squads. But not only the atrocities that occurred in the concentration camps, which were under the control of the SS, but also carried out the Einsatzgruppen (Operations Groups) on the front.

These battalions They were in the rear of the German army and, once the soldiers had crossed the front, they annihilated anyone who was of Jewish or Slavic descent. Many of the members of these groups saw the extermination as a game and they were betting on how many people to kill. All this occurred under the gaze and orders of Heinrich Himmler, who did not agree with the deaths that had occurred, intensified the laws of blood purity.

Near the end of the war, in 1945, he was put in command of the East Prussian battalions, with the idea of ​​stopping the Soviets. But Himmler was a lousy military strategist and due to its mistakes, Germany lost all those territories. Seeing that the allies were close to proclaiming themselves victors of the contest, Himmler tried to negotiate an armistice behind Hitler's back. This act of betrayal caused a execution order issued by the Führer against his former right hand.

Once the war is lost, Himmler tried to escape the allied search. He was arrested by British troops in Lüneburg under a false identity. But it took a short time to reveal his identity, and eventually committed suicide on May 23, 1945. According to reports by British soldiers, the death occurred in a scuffle during an inspection for cyanide capsules, when Himmler bit one to prevent them from being stripped.

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