A megalithic tomb to be excavated in Cornwall

A megalithic tomb to be excavated in Cornwall

To the untrained eye, they might look like a pile of rubble thrown unceremoniously in the middle of a forgotten field. But for archaeologists, the giant stones represent a portal to the past that could reveal the secrets of the life and death in cornwall 5,000 years ago.

It has been guaranteed the excavation permit in the collapsed Carwynnen Quoit outside Praze-an-Beeble, which archaeologists believe could give them a fascinating insight into the past.

Andy Norfolk, president of the Sustainable Foundation, which owns the site located between Camborne and Helston, says it is a unique opportunity. “We hope the excavation tells us more about its history and use.", He says. "It is truly a unique opportunity to find out more about a yew tree of that age and importance.”.

Carwynnen Quoit is an ancient monument so the excavation permit had to be awarded by the English Heritage.

The arch, one of many in West Cornwall, is thought to date from Neolithic or early Bronze Age. In its prime, it consisted of large vertical slabs covered by a single massive cornerstone.

The hallmark at the top is that is flat, known to have been a feature in the area for thousands of years.

In 1834 it collapsed but was re-erected only so that will collapse once more in 1967, the state it has been in ever since.

The Sustainable Foundation aims to restore it to its former glory, but this purpose has been put on hold after having explored the history of the monument.

Norfolk says “After a year of fundraising at a difficult time, we have decided to work only on an archaeological part of the project and leave the restoration for another year, even though there is an intention to get it back on its feet.”.

The offer has been submitted by the Trust for the Heritage Lottery Fund to get cash to fund a one-year project. He would pay for the free courses and events, plus a movie package and education about the surrounding sites. The decision is expected to be delivered in June.

Carwynnen is one of the twelve megalithic tombs surviving in Cornwall. Its exact purpose is still a mystery, as is the exact date of its creation.

It is believed that they were built as graves for full bodies and when one at Lanyon West collapsed two centuries ago excavations revealed large numbers of skeletons.

The most recent deposit at Sperris Quoit near Zennor was found with cremated remains of the year 1,500 before Christ, although it is believed that it only indicates the date of its last use.

Some of the archaeologists believe that the structures were partially open rather than being completely covered with dirt, and there is evidence that the bones were removed a few times and then returned or reordered.

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