They find a 1,000-year-old vessel in the US

They find a 1,000-year-old vessel in the US

The Goodwill Industries from western New York have found a vessel belonging to the Native Americans of over 1,000 years old. The association receives about 22 tons of donations every day but only on rare occasions do they discover something special.

One of the Goodwill Industries members of Western New York, Dan Victori, comments that they found the vessel in the association's warehouse. From the first moment they knew that it was not just a antique flower vase. This theory could be corroborated with a note that was inside the vessel saying that it had been found in the Spiro Mounds field in Oklahoma (United States).

Goodwill research showed that that area was an indian burial place. Victori assures that the vase could have “between 1,000 and 1,500 years old”. After contacting the Oklahoma government, the foundation was redirected to the authorities of the Caddo Indian Nation, who claimed the vessel.

Victori's intention is to donate the item to the Oklahoma Indian Reservation Museum. Also, under the Native American Tombs Protection and Repatriation Act, it is illegal for an organization like Goodwill to sell the vessel. Oklahoma and reservation experts will figure out what it was used for and accurately date its age. By way of thanks, the Caddos have presented a plaque of appreciation to Goodwill Industries of Western New York.

This is not the first time that Goodwill Industries has found a unique item. Victori affirms that with all the donations they receive, many are linked to “some interesting discoveries”. Examples include the discoveries of expensive paintings by a local artist, a book written in German by Einstein, and an autographed copy of Mickey Mantel's book. The organization sold these items in its virtual store for hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

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