Indus Valley sites are in danger of disappearing

Indus Valley sites are in danger of disappearing

Rakhigari, one of the places largest and oldest in the world of the Indus valley located in Haryana next to Taxila in Pakistan, is about to disappear in a tide of rapid economic growth, the World Heritage Fund has warned.

Rakhigari, discovered by Indian archaeologists in 1963, is found among the ten places identified by the Fund with the most danger from "irreparable loss and destruction”In his new report‘Asia's heritage in danger 'presented last night in California.

Places that are under threat include Kashgar, one of the last intact places in the Silk Road in China, Month Aynak, the last ancient Buddhist monastery complex on the Silk Road that still stands in Afghanistan; the Plain of Jars, an archaeological megalithic landscape of mysterious origin in Laos and Taxila and the crossroad of the industry in ancient Asia in Pakistan.

These 10 sites represent only a fragment of the treasures that are in danger throughout Asia and the rest of the developing world”, Said the executive director of the Jeff Morgan foundation in the presentation of the report.

The architectural jewels of all the ancient and sophisticated cultures of Asia are struggling in the face of economic expansion, flash floods, tourists and areas of lawlessness and war, the report said.

Other places mentioned in the report they are: Ayutthaya in Thailand, the former capital of Siam known as ‘the Venice of the East'. Fort Santiago in the Philippines, Mahasthagarh, one of the first archaeological sites in South Asia in Bangladesh, Myauk-U, capital of the first kingdom arakan in Myanmar and Preah Vihear, a masterpiece of Khmer architecture in Cambodia.

The place in danger of disappearing, Rakhigari, it's found 150 kilometers from the Indian capital in a village in Hisar, district of Haryana. Archaeological Investigations of India are conducting a detailed site excavation, revealing the size of the lost city and retrieving numerous objects, some 5000 years old.

In Rakhigari, excavators have found evidence of paved streets, drainage systems, rainwater harvesting, storage systems, earth blocks, statuary production, and qualified bronze and precious metal.

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