History of the Amazons, the fearsome warriors

History of the Amazons, the fearsome warriors

If there is a group of wars known to the whole world, those are undoubtedly The amazon. Some myths say they were daughters of the god of war, Ares while others express that it was a nation encountered by the Greeks when they began to expand into Asia.

They all agree on their main characteristic: there was no male presence (except once a year) and they were ruled by a queenchosen among them.

History of the Amazons

The nation of the Amazons probably has a historical basis if we take into account, leaving aside the mythological aspect, the writings of Herodotus, who tells us about the history of the Amazons, placing them in a border region with Scythia, in Sarmatia.

However, according to myths, his kingdom was situated on the banks of the river Thermodon, in the Cappadocia region, in the territories they ruled they were located next to the Tanis River, which is now known as the Don.

Until at a certain moment, Aphrodite was disgusted by the attitude of these women and decided that his kingdom would move to Cappadocia.

In order to perpetuate the continuity of your community, they joined men only once a year to get pregnant.

When the baby is born, if they were male they were murdered, although in some cases they came to give them to their parents. If they were girls, when they were developing their chests were cut off to better handle the bow.

Its name comes from this custom, since amazona means'without breasts’.

Worshiped goddess Artemis, considered related to them for being a hunter.

Legends and myths

Despite having historical foundations on their existence, they are attributed Legends and myths such as the invasion of Phrygia and Lycia, although one of the best known is one of the twelve labors of Hercules, who had to get the belt of the queen of the tribe, Hippolyta.

They are also mentioned in The Iliad, where they helped the King Priam during the Trojan War and endless legends in which what stands out mainly is his courage, his strength and his dexterity with the bow and the art of war.

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