Byzantine settlement found in central Greece

Byzantine settlement found in central Greece

Part of a byzantine settlement has been excavated in the south of Pelion (Central greece) for him 7th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities. Archaeologists were briefed about antiquities by the local inhabitants of Lefokastro, Pelion.

During the construction of a rural house, the owners, together with the civil engineer in charge of the construction, discovered part of a Byzantine settlement. They immediately informed the Eforatus and the archaeologists began the excavation.

Byzantine settlement of Lefokastro

The compound found consists of 11 sites and experts estimate that its construction dates back to between the 4th and 5th centuries after Christ. On the northeast side of the plot, a toilet building (also dates from between the 4th and 5th centuries after Christ). It consists of two rooms: one of them is rectangular, so archaeologists think it could have been a swimming pool.

Many vases and other objects made of clay have been found in the surrounding area, including some used for housework as well as a bronze coin from the 5th century.

Archaeologists have concluded that the plot could have been private, even though the evidence they have is not abundant.

As mentioned above, this Byzantine settlement is located in Lefokastro, Pelion. No references on Lefokastro in ancient literature, but archaeologists and historians who toured the area in the past noted that “a significant fortified site from the Byzantine period”Was there.

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