Sri Lanka promotes the rehabilitation of sacred sites

Sri Lanka promotes the rehabilitation of sacred sites

The Department of Archeology has launched archaeological activities in the Eastern Province to preserve and rehabilitate sacred and cultural places with historical significance. The director of the Department of Archeology, Nimal Perera, says that archaeologists have started rehabilitation and excavation projects in the archaeological sites of Neelagiri Maha Seya and Deegawapiyain the Lahugala forest reserve.

The development of the restoration of these historic stupa sites and other religious structures in them, has been at a standstill for 25 years due to terrorist activities in these areas.", He says. Deegawapiya is a place where Buddha he settled down and pondered.

Neelagiri Site

The Deegawapiya Dagoba dates from 3rd century BC. It was built by the youngest son of King Kavantissa, Prince Saddhatissa. Perera says the Deegawapiya excavation project may reveal interesting ruins of archaeological importance. According to the Museum's Department of Archeology and Deputy Director of Maintenance M Madagammana, the excavation in the maluwa area of ​​Deegawapiya Dagoba where they have been found holy relics of buddha has been completed.

We have started work to unearth the structure of the Dagoba", He says. Madagammana designed the Deegawapiya and Neelagiri Seya excavation projects. It says that Neelagiri Seya is the largest stupa in the Eastern Province.

We are trying to shape the Neelagiri stupa", Add.

The government finances the two excavation projects. The Bank of Ceylon has provided financial assistance for the Deegawapiya excavations, he says.

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