Greek Mythology: The Fates

Greek Mythology: The Fates

Nowadays many times we name death as the Grim Reaper. Furthermore, in many films about the ancient Greece the Fates are named as a reference to those who rule destiny. ¿Who were these mythological beings?

The Fates They were three goddesses in charge of governing the life and destiny of humans and even the gods. According to some versions, they executed the orders of the god of Destiny, son of Chaos and Nix, who contained the destinies of humans in an urn that he always carried with him.

The Fates were daughters of Themis and they lived in the Hades or Underworld. They were in charge of assigning each person a part of good and bad that he would carry throughout his life, but that through the actions he carried out over the years could grow or increase. His decisions were firm and could never be reversed, destiny was marked by them.

The youngest of the three was Clotho, was in charge of carry the threads and fabrics that would sew the destinies of each person, so there was a great variety of types and colors depending on the destiny they had. Thus, for example, silk and gold were for people whose destinies were happy, while wool and hemp were for more dire destinies.

His sister Lachesis was in charge of moving the spinning wheel in which the threads of Cloto were prepared. Lastly, there was the older sister, Atropos. She was in charge of cut with long scissors the thread that linked the person to life at any time and without warning.

Thus, the life of each and every one of the mortals was linked to the designs of three goddesses who governed the destinies of each one of the beings that inhabited the Earth, without being able to do anything to control when to put an end to it.

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