Geolodía 12, next May 6

Geolodía 12, next May 6

Most of us can walk past one rock full of fossils and not even realizing it. In the same way, we are incapable of knowing the origin of the terrain we tread. However, this could change, thanks to a novel geological disclosure project.

When there is a spectacular event like the one that originated in the volcano on the island of "The iron”, interest in the Earth and its depths resurfaces. And satisfying that curiosity is already within everyone's reach, at least once a year, on the occasion of the Geolody. A date dedicated to geology that, this year, will be held on May 6.

Geolodía 12 poster in Burgos

The program consists of 50 excursions throughout the peninsula, one per province, which are free and open to the public of all ages. These events are organized both by official institutions and by true scientists of the most diverse nature.

In these "outreach classes”Topics of the most rabid scientific news will be discussed, such as the fault that caused the earthquake in Lorca, a geological vision of the evolution of the Bay of Cádiz on the occasion of the bicentennial of the Constitution of 1812, or the way in which the new rock formation of “The iron”.

Although most of these activities are carried out in Full nature, there are also excursions and activities to be carried out in the city center, like the one held in Oviedo, to discover fossils in urban soil.

Among those that are carried out at “fresh air”Are the visits commented by geologists to mining areas such as Almadén (Ciudad Real) or Meatzaldea (Bizkaia), to paleontological sites such as Puebla de Valverde (Teruel), organized by Dinopolis, or to areas of geological interest such as Geopark of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla.

The Geological Society of Spain, is the coordinator of this national outreach party, and aims to bring geology and the importance of research to all Spaniards. It also seeks to publicize the rich and varied geological heritage and to become aware of the importance and need to protect it, to disseminate the work of geologists and what they, as scientists and professionals, can contribute to society, in addition to promoting the scientific vocations of young people who attend this type of excursion.

This initiative is added thus, to the set of new projects of outreach and vocational recruitment that have been developed in recent months from different scientific fields, to combat the negative effects of cuts in research.

On the official website of Geolody You can find more information about the activities that will take place.

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