The Greek Muses

The Greek Muses

Many artists and writers quote muses when they want or need inspiration, butwho were these famous muses? Here we tell you.

The muses were nine goddesses, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosine, protector of the arts, sciences and letters. They were usually challenged to put their talents to the test and each of them was specialized in a certain area.

The nine Muses:
Calliope is the muse of Epic or Heroic Poetry, so it was usually represented with a book that could be The Iliad or the Odyssey.

Clío is the muse of History, she wrote down all the events that took place in the world, so she was represented with scrolls of writing in her hands.

Erato was the muse of Lyrical and Loving Poetry. Normally she was represented with a lute in her hands, but on some occasions she is also represented with a crown of roses and myrtle.

Euterpe is the muse of Music, so he always carried a flute in his hands.

Melpomene was related to the TragedyHe dressed austerely and covered his face with a mask in the style of actors in antiquity, as well as carrying a mace in his hand to remind himself that it was not a simple trade and that a great privileged talent is required.

Polyymnia was related to Sacred Poetry and the Art of Mimicry, so it always appears in a thoughtful and thoughtful attitude.
Talía was the muse of Comedy, so she used to dress in extravagant clothes that caused laughter.

Terpsichore was the muse of the Dance, so she was more or less attached to Euterpe.

By last, Urania, muse of Astronomy, who normally carried a globe and a compass in his hands.

Thus, each artist, each thinker or philosopher had a muse to turn to to provide inspiration and thus be able to carry out their works in the best possible way.

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