A tomb in eastern China holds a treasure of more than 2,500 years

A tomb in eastern China holds a treasure of more than 2,500 years

Chinese archaeologists have discovered a large collection of objects belonging to a dignitary in a tomb from more than 2,500 years ago. The mausoleum was found in January near a tourist resort in Yishui County, eastern China. Since then until now, the excavations have uncovered various bronze weapons, musical instruments, pieces of jade jewelry and utensils for performing religious rituals.

Shandong Archaeological Research Institute scientist and excavation project leader Hao Daohua argues that “the size of the grave, scale and type of objectsThey have found, they indicate that it likely contained the body of a dignitary belonging to the Zhou period (770 - 256 BC), does 2,500 years. This period was a chaotic time in Chinese history, marked by constant wars between the small kingdoms that occupied the east and center of the country.

But now is when doubts and unknowns arise about the grave. According to Hao, archaeologists are puzzled that they have been unable to find the remains of the tomb's owner after digging at the site for several months. "We need to do more research to determine if the owner of the tomb was a man or a woman”, Affirms the scientist. Research indicates that could be a warlord or his concubine.

The experts of the China National Heritage Office They are collaborating to solve the mystery. They have proceeded to analyze various inscriptions on different bronze vessels to clarify the identity of the unknown owner. "In many respects, this tomb is quite different. Revealing these mysteries will help us understand more about the lives of the warlords.”Said Sun Shiqin, Deputy Chief of the Shandong Provincial Office of Cultural Relics.

The tomb is located in a rather unusual place: the top of a hill. It is a peculiar place, since the mountains are the places where the ancient aristocrats were buried. However, the unique location has also helped prevent grave robbers from gaining access to it over the years. In any case, as a protective measure, the authorities decreed on Monday that the deposit be closed.

China Daily
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