Plans to renovate Cirencester Roman amphitheater revealed

Plans to renovate Cirencester Roman amphitheater revealed

Plans have been revealed for refurbish the Roman amphitheater at Cirencester and its surroundings. The city council, which has taken over the management of a part of the English Heritage, wants improve access and erect new information signs.

Part of the plan involves restoration of the historic Chesterton Obelisk found in a nearby wooded area. Martin Conyers of the city council says it is a “exciting project”For Cirencester.

The excavations, which still exist near the center of the city, show the remains of one of the largest Roman amphitheaters in Britain.

It was built in the 2nd century in the city of Corinium, which is now Cirencester, and had a capacity of about 8,000 viewers. The place has been classified as an ancient monument. Conyers says: "It is a very sensitive archaeological area. We hope to improve the signage and interpretation of the place, as well as the access”.

Has said that trees could be cut down to restore the 'Line of sight' to the 18th century obelisk, which stands on Cotswold Avenue on the old Bathurst Estate boundary.

The project also includes plans to create a catwalk in the amphitheater from the 15 meter high obelisk and a parking lot could be created.

The amphitheater is a much loved part of Cirencester and people really want to see it used and cared for a little more”Says Conyers. The council says the project could cost a few 41,000 pounds. A public consultation on the plans will take place in the summer.

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