The temple of Hathor restored in File

The temple of Hathor restored in File

East of the famous temple of isis on the island of File in Upper Egypt, workers and archaeologists are hard at work. Is it so cleaning and restoring the immense blocks of stone that once formed the temple of Hathor, which is being rebuilt and restored with the goal of being inaugurated next month.

Time has taken its toll on the temple, which was built by king Ptolemy VI and spread during the reigns of Ptolemy VII and the Roman Emperors Augustus and Tiberius. Many of the rock block temples have deteriorated: the walls are riddled with cracks.

Hathor Temple

According to antiquities ministerial officials, the deteriorated temple blocks have been replaced with new ones while the fallen have been placed in its original position. A previous bad restore job has been fixed.

The temple consists of a cabin with columns that have 14 pillars with heads of Hathor, a pronaos (lobby) and a worship terrace facing the Nile River. reliefs most impressive temple highlights one of a group of musicians playing before an assembly of ancient Egyptian deities.

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