The Congress of Troppau

The Congress of Troppau

A few years after Congress of Vienna and the constitution of the holy alliance by means of the Aachen conference, there were 3 events that would put the European court and the balance established after the fall of Napoleon: the liberal uprising in Spain, the assassination of the Duke of Berry in France and the naples revolution. All of them induced Russia and Austria to put into practice the principle of intervention.

Thus arises the Congress of Troppau in October 1820. It intends to solve the different revolutions that had occurred throughout the continent, with special interest in the case of Naples. Britain is directly opposed to an intervention in the Italian kingdom, so it only sends observers, as France did.

The Austrian position, on the contrary, is much more warmongering and pretends that the Holy Alliance intervene in Naples and in those states that present a problem against the absolutist state. Seeing that it does not get the support of the westernmost countries, it convinces Prussia and Russia to give their approval.

The final act of this congress stated that they would be considered “legitimate actions taken by absolutist governments”. On the other hand, revolutions of popular origin, "being illegitimate", Would cause the powers not to recognize the governments that are formed as a result of them and, even,"could take intervention measures”. The new protocol also warned that any country that had “suffered modifications”Due to internal riots, would be expelled from the Alliance.

These measures in the end were also signed by France, who feared that liberal revolutions in Spain affect them. Instead, Britain remained steadfast in its stance against interventionism in sovereign countries.

In any case, the Congress of Troppau was the first step in a process that would culminate with the Laibach Congress and the Verona Congress. It would also show the incompatibility of the powers and the fragility of the European balance, since only the common objective of eliminating the inheritance of Napoleon was what moved them.

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