Witches of Salem

Witches of Salem

Throughout history great crimes have been committed accusing people witchcraft. One of the most prominent episodes are the salem trials, present-day Massachusetts, United States. Everything had its origin in the bosom of the parris family.

The Parris family hired a slave named Tituba, who was said to have practiced witchcraft, who was a quiromancer. Its main function was take care of the daughters of the family, Betty and Elisabeth, and her cousin, Abigail Williams. The local people did not welcome these practices, since Salem was governed by British Law, which considered that witchcraft attacked the state authority. If the person pleaded guilty, he was acquitted, but if she denied it she would be executed.

Salem trial

Everything remained normal until one day the girls began to behave strangely. Also, other girls in town started saying that they had visions. The village doctor, seeing no physical damage to them, decided that it was demonic influence. However, the Parris sisters and their cousin began to exaggerating and singling out suspected witchcraft. They pointed to Sarah Good, a homeless person in the town, and Sarah Osborne, an invalid woman who lived with a man without having been married.

They also accused the slave, Tituba, who confessed that she was a witch and that she had attacked Ann Putman. She also stated that like her, he had other witches in town, showing a book containing the names of several local women. Thus began witch hunt. Because most claimed not to be, they were executed; Tituba instead claimed to be a witch and therefore to be saved. The first person convicted of witchcraft was Birdget Bishop on June 10, 1692.

In total, in just 7 months they were accused 200 people, the Parris girls pointed to 200 others, 13 women and 7 men were executed. Four years later, people began to see it all as a mistake, saying that they had been deceived. In 1697 some of the jurors apologized for the massacre committed.

Some of the reasons was the social status of the accused, who were in the lowest stratum. Also, the only tests were the declarations, something that prevented being impartial. People were only able to react when it affected the upper classes. Therefore, the governor acquitted everyone the suspects and accused, and those who had been executed.

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