Tombs of the Han, Tang and Song dynasties found in China

Tombs of the Han, Tang and Song dynasties found in China

More of 50 ancient and rare relics have been found in the excavation in Guxian County, in the province of Anhui (China). The complex of 53 tombs is believed to have been under construction during many dynastic periods, dating the earliest to the Han dynasty, almost 2,000 years ago.

The discovery of the tomb complex was completely accidental. During a work the different remains appeared, so the investigations began. Contains more than 50 tombs from the Han, Tang and Song dynasties and experts have been able to analyze what kind of people were buried there.

Relic found in tombs in China

Many of those buried were considered ordinary citizens, until the discovery of a delicate and well-preserved mirror. The archaeologist who discovered it, Zhou CHongwen, maintains that it is a “large bronze mirror, implying that its owner had a recognized social status”.

On the other hand, the researcher of the Bengbu Relic Cultural Institute, Zhao Lanhui, carries out a detailed analysis of the tombs. According to the scientist, “as the bodies lie from south to north, they are probably people of four generations”. It also gives importance to the size and ornamentation of the tombs, since being "small and simple style”You can locate them in the Song dynasty period. It also adds that “the tombs had a unique character, as they were built in an animal shape”.

Many of the tombs from this find they have been looted over the years. But nevertheless, enough ornaments and relics of value have appeared, such as bronze mirrors, gold and silver ornaments, along with various vessels.

The authorities have stated that they will continue investigating the history relating to the tomb complex and the people who were buried in it. The reason is the strong interest it has generated in the population, who want to know more about the local heritage and the cultural identity of the area.

Source: China Dalily

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