Greek tombs from the Byzantine period found in Alexandria

Greek tombs from the Byzantine period found in Alexandria

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered four Greek tombs from the Byzantine era in a section of the necropolis of eastern Alexandria, in a neighboring area of ​​the Al-Ibrahimeya tunnel.

The place was discovered during the excavations carried out by the Ministry of Antiquities of the State (MSA) and runs between the Al-Shatbi and Mostafa Kamel areas.

Interior of one of the Greek tombs

Excavations revealed four Greek and Byzantine rock-cut tombs They contained a collection of burial vessels, perfume containers, and lamps.

MSA Minister Mohamed Ibrahim pointed out that the objective of the excavations was inspect the site for archaeological objects before declaring the free zone for residential construction. "It is a very important discovery that provides more details to the archaeological map of Alexandria”Ibrahim tells Ahram Online.

A clay bowl finely decorated from the second century BC, it was one of the discoveries, he adds. The general director of antiquities of Alexandria, Mohamed Mostafa, explained that the most important tomb is one dating from the Greco-Roman era that includes an open country with two cylindrical rock columnsin the middle.

Funeral vessel

They were also discovered two burial pits filled with human skeletons and clay pots. A decorated container 'Hydra'(A large pot filled with burned remains) was also unearthed along with a tombstone bearing the name of the deceased. Mostafa told Ahram online that the tomb walls still have layers of plaster and traces of red paints.

The second grave has eight steps carved into the rock and it is located under a modern building; the third and fourth are at a deeper level and they keep a collection of clay lamps and vessels of different sizes and shapes.

Among the rubble, Mostafa says, archaeologists discovered a small grave for a woman and her child dating from the late Roman period.

Due to the discovery, the area will be declared and protected as an archaeological site and all construction is prohibited.

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