The origin of the seasons of the year according to Greek mythology

The origin of the seasons of the year according to Greek mythology

Throughout the year the Four Seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. We currently know that it is due to the translation of the Earth, but the ancient greeks they were unaware of this, so they created his own story to explain it. For this they involved the gods and his actions, as in most of his explanations. Why did they happen this way and not another? ¿What was its origin?

The goddess Demeter, or Ceres, was the daughter of Crono and Rhea, which made her sister to the Olympian god Zeus. Was the goddess of agriculture, of cereals, of nature in general. Demeter had a daughter who was very beautiful, Persephone.

Abduction of Persephone

HadesGod of the Underworld, he saw her one day and took a fancy to her, so he rushed to his brother Zeus to ask permission to be able to make her his wife, to which he agreed. One day, Persephone was walking through the forest when he saw a beautiful flower and when he approached it, the ground parted and Hades kidnapped the girl.

Demeter, upon learning what happened, refused to continue to carry out his divine obligations, staying on the ground while looking for his daughter. Disguised as an old woman, she did not sleep or eat. He found refuge in the town of Eleusis, in the Attica region, where he began take care of the stem from one of the great families in the area.

Reunion between Demeter and Persephone

Desolate by what happened, she fell into a deep depression that caused the earth to remain suspended in a continuous winter, destroying crops and causing famine among humans, leading to death.

Seeing what was happening, Zeus ordered Hades to immediately release Persephone. However, he did not want to separate from his beloved, so he made her eat an underworld grenade. If someone ate something from underground, they should stay forever in it, which forced Persephone to continue by his side.

Zeus tried to fix the act committed by Hades, so distributed the year in such a way that it would happen half a year with his mother, Demeter, and another half year with her husband, Hades. The joy of the reunion with her daughter made the earth would bloom again and that the fields would again bear their fruit.

Thus they found its origin stations. During the time that will pass Persephone in the Underworld with Hades, Demeter would fall into sadness, so the earth would also do it with it, giving rise to autumn and cold winter. When he returned with his mother, the joy of the reunion would make that depression disappear and with its joy everything would bloom again, giving rise to spring and hot summer.

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