Turkey claims Roman sarcophagus found in Switzerland

Turkey claims Roman sarcophagus found in Switzerland

Turkey is claiming ownership of a sarcophagus seized at the end of 2010 in the free port of Geneva (Switzerland), during an inventory carried out by administrative officials.

In the Journal des Arts, the administration stated that since Swiss legislation was tightened on customs matters in 2009 following the discovery of 200 pieces of the Ancient Egypt, and updated in 2003 by the diamond traffic that this free port had as its center, the port authorities must keep detailed inventories of the goods deposited there.

The free port of Geneva increased its customs controls due to the illegal traffic of antiquities

This explains why a port warehouse used by the Phoenix Ancient Swiss Art Gallery was searched, discovering a Roman sarcophagus dating from the 2nd century BC., thus initiating an investigation.

Customs seized the sarcophagus and sent the corresponding file to the public prosecutor in Geneva, and Turkey demands its return, clearly arguing that it comes from a illegal excavation conducted near the Turkish province of Anatolia, and research appears to have confirmed this.

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