Pompeii gets funding from the Italian government

Pompeii gets funding from the Italian government

The Italian government has launched a € 105 million project to save one of the world's greatest archaeological treasures, the ancient city of Pompeii. There has been growing concern that the site, where volcanic ash buried the Roman city in AD 79, has been neglected.

A number of structures have been partially or totally collapsed, including 'The House of Gladiators'Which collapsed 18 months ago. Italy and the European Union they have put up funds for a great plan restoration.

The city of Pompeii

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti says the project aims to ensure “all the insulae (former residential areas) that are currently at risk in one of the places with the most important cultural heritage in the world”. “We want to ensure that it is carried out with capable and honest workers and companies, keeping out organized crime that continues to be strong in this area.", Add.

Abandoned and without funds.

Among the first financing projects will be a work on the structure known as'Sirico House ’, a property believed to have belonged to two wealthy brothers. It also establishes the reconstruction of the House of Gladiators. Near 2.5 million tourists they visit Pompeii, which is located near the southern part of the city of Naples, every year.

Although they generate money, they have claimed that the place is abandoned and without funds.

A group called Italy Nostra, whose campaigns seek to preserve Italy's cultural heritage and have criticized the management of Pompeii, describes this new investment as a “great start”. However, it is estimated that insuring the entire area could cost the double of what the government and the European Union have invested.

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