Akrotiri, the Bronze Age site on Santorini island, reopens

Akrotiri, the Bronze Age site on Santorini island, reopens

The archaeological site of Akrotiri in the Santorini islandwill reopen its doors to the public after having remained closed the last seven years. In 2005, the roof of a prehistoric settlement Collapsed, killing one tourist and wounding six others. After several years of restoration work on the site, the roof has been replaced and will open this week.

The settlement of the Minoan Bronze Age has the name of a modern greek village situated on a nearby hill. The name of the ancient place is unknown.

According to the Greek culture minister, the first inhabitants of the place date from late Neolithic (at least in the fourth millennium BC). During the early Bronze Age (third millennium BC), a large settlement was founded and in the middle and late Bronze Age (20th-17th centuries BC) gradually spread and developed in one of the largest urban and port centers in the Aegean.

The long extension of the settlement (about 20 hectares), the elaborate drainage system, the sophisticated history of the buildings with the magnificent furniture, paintings and vessels, show a great development and prosperity of civilization.

The numerous imported objects found in buildings indicate the vast network of their foreign relations. Akrotiri He was in contact with Crete but he also communicated with the continent with the Greeks, the Dodecanese, Cyprus, Syria and Egypt.

City life ended abruptly at the end of the last quarter of the seventeenth century BC when its inhabitants were forced to abandon it due to the many earthquakes. Then came the eruption. Volcanic materials covered the island completely and the city itself. These materials, however, have protected buildings and other objects, as it happened in Pompeii.

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