Sri Lanka's treasure hunters prefer Buddha statues

Sri Lanka's treasure hunters prefer Buddha statues

Recent research in Sri Lanka have revealed that the valuable buddha statues are best valued by treasure hunters to the detriment of other objects with archaeological value. The dean of the Faculty of History and Archeology and director of the Abhayagiri Project in Anuradhapura, Professor T. G. Kulatunga, admits that the Buddha statues are the most common archaeological objectswho have suffered destruction at the hands of treasure hunters.

Sri Lankan Buddha Statues

He has pointed out that in many of the statues, the abdominal and shoulder area They have been destroyed while the treasure was looted.

Buddha's greatest treasure is his infinite goodness, which no one can stealKulatunga said in a seminar held at the Central School of Segiriya on April 2. The seminar was organized by the Ministry of National Heritage and the Department of Archeology to educate school children and the public about the importance of preserving archaeological discoveries and historical sites.

The teacher says there could be non-buddhist reasons behind the destruction of the statues. Charles Godakumbure, a former member of the Archaeological Commission, has described these vandals as Kapalawas and that he is very upset about the acts of vandalism.

The professor has also said: “We have some pseudo-devotees who pretend to meditate under a tree at some of the important ancient archaeological sites. These criminals even beat the ancient statues and listen to the sounds to decide where the treasures are located. Fortunately, careful observation of our true devotees has made it impossible for them to carry out destructive activities. We have a great cultural heritage. But some people are trying to destroy it. We should do everything possible to preserve our cultural heritage", He says.

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