Biography of Ana Bolena

Biography of Ana Bolena

One of the most famous queens of England was Anne Boleyn. Your union with King Henry VIII It was one of the most outstanding events in the country's history: the break with Roman Catholicism and the creation of the Anglican Church.

Anne Boleyn was born at Rochoford Hall, county of Essex, England, in 1507. Her parents were Sir Thomas Boleyn and Elizabeth Howard, daughter of the Earl of Norfolk, so she was an influential family in the nobility. She spent her childhood away from her family in France, at the court of King Francis I, where he was Queen Claudia's Bridesmaid.

He returned to England in 1522. Due to his rank, he was able to hold a position at court as Maid of Honor of Queen Catherine of Aragon, the king's first wife Henry VIII, daughter of the Catholic Kings of Spain. The court was at that time in revolt due to a serious problem of succession to the throne, since the male children the queen had had had stillborn and only one daughter lived, Maria, who would be the future Queen Mary I. Due to the age of Katherine, it was difficult that she could have more children. This fact became an obsession for the monarch.

Because of his great beauty and charisma, Ana made a place for herself at court. She was surrounded by admirers but nevertheless stood out Lord henry percy, heir to the county of Northumberland, whom he intended to marry. However, the king had begun to notice her and did everything possible to prevent it.

Enrique became infatuated with the young woman, who affirmed that she would not give herself to him unless it was within marriage. The king, seeing that it would not be his until that requirement was fulfilled, petitioned Pope Clement VII to annul his marriage to Catherine in 1527, making an excuse that his wife was the widow of his brother Arturo and that therefore she could not be a legitimate queen. After two years of waiting, the Pope refused to grant her a divorce, mainly due to pressure from the King of Spain and Emperor of Germany, Carlos V, very well portrayed by Titian, who was also the nephew of Queen Catherine.

Catherine of Aragon

This caused the Enrique's obsession with having a male child that he inherited the kingdom would be intensified, since he saw it as an impossible task. This fact caused a crisis that, influenced by the Lutheran Reformation and the arguments of Anne Boleyn herself, made the king decide officially break with the Church and constitute the Anglican Church with him as head.

The marriage to Anne Boleyn It should be held as soon as possible, since they had finally had meetings and the young woman had become pregnant. On January 25, 1533, a secret ceremony took place. The newly appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas cranmer, declared in April of that year null the marriage with Catherine of Aragon and ratified the marriage contracted with Ana. On the day of Pentecost she was crowned Queen at Westminster Abbey. However, the townspeople they booed her as she passed through the streets, crying out for the true queen, Catherine.

In September of that year she gave birth to a girl whom she would call Isabel and that she would be the future Isabel I. To provoke the humiliation of the daughter of the king's previous wife and separate her from her father, stripped her of her princess title and made her the maid of honor to his daughter Isabel.

Since he had managed to have a healthy daughter, the king longed for the moment when his wife would grant him a male child. Seeing that this did not happen, the king gradually lost interest in the queen, which also caused a lack of political support. In the following years he would suffer various abortions. In 1536 she managed to give birth to a boy who died shortly after birth. Also, almost at the same time Catalina passed away. This was his misfortune, since both events were interpreted by the king as a punishment from god.

Along with the contempt that the king was beginning to feel for Anne, was joined by infatuation with a new woman, Jane Seymour. Furthermore, the king began to claim that he had married her because he had used witchcraft and dark arts to fool you. Therefore, he made the arrested and locked up in the Tower of London on May 2, 1536.

A series of accusations were made against her, including the adultery with five court men including the incest with his own brother, Lord Rochford. She maintained that he was innocent. Furthermore, the confessions had been obtained under terrible torture.

The court that tried her was chaired by his own uncle, the Duke of Norfolk. She was accused of adultery and incest, which at the time meant high treason to the crown. Was declared guiltyas well as her so-called lovers. They were all beheaded. After 17 days in prison, she was beheaded in the Tower of London on May 19, 1536.

It is said that his behavior was worthy, who made public her love and admiration for the king before being executed. In deference to her, the executioner pretended to distract the queen, asking aloud "Where is my sword?" when the blade approached his neck to make him think he had a few more seconds of life. It is popularly known as'Ana of the thousand days ’, since it was the time that his reign lasted.

Henry VIII

On May 30 the king he married his mistress Jane Saymour, who finally gave him an heir two years later, the future Edward VI, dying in childbirth. The heir came to rule but died young, so his first daughter came to the throne, Mary I. His death in 1558 caused reigned the daughter of Ana Bolena, Isabel I, who would lead England to its maximum splendor in those times and ended the Tudor dynasty not wanting to marry.

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