The oldest Neolithic skeleton discovered in Taiwan

The oldest Neolithic skeleton discovered in Taiwan

Experts have discovered the remains of a man thought to be between 7,500 and 7,900 years ago, beingthe oldest skeleton of the Neolithic that has been discovered in Taiwan, according to one of the archaeologists said this Monday.

Found on the adjacent island of Matsu last December, it was estimated that the remains belong to a man between 30 and 35 yearsat the time of his death, whose height was 167 centimeters, says Jonas Chen, the leader of the team that discovered the skull and other bones.

Chen, a researcher at Academia Sinica, has called the remains ‘Liangdao man' for reflect the place where they have been found the bones, in Liangdao, one of the many islets that the Matsu archipelago has.

The man was buried in fetal position, which means that he was found with his legs drawn up towards his chest, according to Chen told CNA in a telephone interview. The analysis of the remains indicate that in life he had strong arms and legsChen adds.

Researchers are trying to extract DNA from the remains to identify what ethnic group did he belong to. Have also been found various artifacts made of bone, stone and ceramic, Chen adds.

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