They find a 1,500-year-old altar for human sacrifices in Peru

They find a 1,500-year-old altar for human sacrifices in Peru

A group of Peruvian archaeologists have found a altar for human sacrifices 1,500-year-old hilltop in the region north of La Libertad, the newspaper El Comercio reported on Tuesday.

The structure is located at 3,250 less altitude on Bell Hill and was cut by the Moche cultureon a local rock with three steps leading to the small platform.

Excavations of the 1,500-year-old Peruvian altar

Many archaeologists identified the ancient rite of sacrifice in Moche ceramic sculptures”Says the leader of the archaeological team, Regulo Franco. "Now, with this discovery, we are sure it appeared in the Bell Hill era pottery”.

Experts have also found in the area a small painting in a cave 2,800 years ago, as well as ceramics and tombs.

Percy Valladares, the president of the Bell Hill Defense and Rescue Association, says that the place is in danger due to the lack of demarcation, the people who flock and urban growth.

Microbiologist Carlos Quiroz says that 254 pieces of plants and 118 species of animals they live in Campana Hill, according to the publication.

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