They will build a medieval town in Germany

They will build a medieval town in Germany

At the beginning of April 2013, the works for the construction of a medieval village, with a monastery included, using materials and tools that were only used in the 9th century.

This project, which has taken many years to develop, will take place in south-west Germany near Messkirch and has been devised by the builder Bert Geurten, who has this dream since he was a teenager.

Local and EU sources will initially fund this plan and it is believed that the works will finish in 2050. However, the fundraising will have to be constant. Geurten is hopeful that these funds will be raised by potential visitors who wish to see the construction process.

Let's not forget that the masons will carve the stone blocks by hand, while the blacksmiths will forge and sharpen their tools as they did centuries ago, in addition to that all the materials will be brought to the work area by means of carts drawn by oxen.

Due to lack of more funding, the budget is very tight and the wages of the artisans will be quite low. «The net salary is approximately 1,200 euros per month. I can't pay more«Said Bert Geurten. However, the builder does nothing but rain job applications for both bricklayers and blacksmiths.

Usually, the work will have 20 to 30 permanent employees, in addition to the volunteers. So much interest is being generated that one of the candidates even submitted his application written in medieval German on a scroll.

Volunteer interest is a good sign as it indicates that there will be a favorable outlook when it comes to fundraising, especially if they come from visitors.

Source: Spiegel

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