Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography

Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or Franklin D. Roosevelt, is one of the best known American presidents in the world, in addition to being a cousin of the also president of the United States Theodore Roosevelt.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography

He was born in Hyde Park, New York, January 30, 1882. His father worked as a manager of various companies and his mother's family owned a shipping company and several mines. In the bosom of a wealthy family, he grew up in an elitist environment.

At the time of pursuing his higher studies, he decided to study Law at Harvard University, later obtaining a law degree from Columbia. In 1905 he married a distant cousin, Eleonor.

On a more professional level, shortly after, in 1910, he decided to leave his career as a lawyer to focus on something that interested him more: politics. He had great gifts for it since he was a person with great sympathy and charisma. Entered join the Democratic Party, appearing in the elections called for the Senate as a candidate for New York.

In fact, the president who was ruling then, Woodrow wilson, decided to give him the position of Deputy Secretary of the Navy.

Due to his good work and his incredible spirit, he knew how to make a place for himself among those who dealt with him, who ended up advising him to run as a candidate for the country's vice presidency.

The Republicans won but, despite the defeat suffered, he did not give up in his efforts and in the following years he would try to make himself known to get voters.

A minor setback in life took place in August 1921, when a polio attack would paralyze your legs for a period of two years and leave you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. However, he decided to carry on with strength and willpower.

He began to reap successes. He won the New York elections in 1928 and shortly after, with the arrival of the Great Depression of 1929, devised a program of social reforms that produced good results. Thanks to that, in 1932 he was elected candidate of the Democratic Party for the Presidency of the United States.

To try to get voters and show that despite being disabled in a wheelchair that was not going to affect him when governing, he decided to tour the country, transmitting energy, confidence and closeness to voters.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: President of the United States

With almost 25 million votes, On November 8, 1932, he was elected President of the United States and throughout his life he would be reelected 4 times.

The first thing he did after taking office was to program a series of social, political and economic measures that aimed to try to establish greater economic and social well-being through a greater and better distribution of wealth.

He was trying to regain the nation after Crisis of 29. This group of measures would take the name of New Deal.

One of the main measures he carried out was intervention by the state to try to stop capitalism and speculation that had caused the crisis, something that had never occurred in the country. In addition, it planned a large number of public works such as the construction of infrastructures.

It also financed the agricultural area, tried to stop speculation, legalized union groups and established a social security system.

However, something that did not work as well as the rest of the measures was the establishment of the famous Prohibition to try to stop alcoholism, so that shortly after it would be repealed.

In the international arena He tried to eliminate the isolation that reigned in the country, for which he made a series of decisions that became momentous. To begin with, he decided to grant her Independence to Cuba in 1934 and tried to approach the Soviet Union in 1933 recognizing its diplomatic role.

On the other hand, it was somewhat more complicated when approaching European countries. Due to the law that ensured that the United States would remain neutral in foreign policy, it could not intervene in conflicts such as the Spanish Civil War.

United States in World War II

Everything was the same during WWIIThe people saw it as a European war and he could do nothing to try to intervene, even though he supported France and Great Britain financially and materially.

The occasion came when on December 7, 1941 Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor base in Hawaii. From that moment on, the United States entered the war fully on the side of the Allies.

During the following years, negotiations and treaties would be carried out with leaders such as Joseph Stalin or Winston Churchill, in which the configuration of the world would be devised when the war ended.

Among those ideas was the creation of the United Nations (UN). Unfortunately, he passed away before the conflict ended.

He died on April 12, 1945 because of a cerebral hemorrhage. His wife, Eleanor, was with him until the end.

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