Prehistoric finds in Ireland

Prehistoric finds in Ireland

A group of cavers have made a great discovery in the burren cave, on Little Moneen Mountain in Ballyvaughan, a small village in Country Clare, Ireland, last June at find a skull and a prehistoric antler hammer in the place.

The archaeologist in charge of rescuing these objects has announced that the hammer is probably prehistoric, while the discovery of the skeleton has been moving because it would be of a teenager who would be seeking refuge in the cave.

In the case of the skeleton, the dating by Carbon-14 has found that they belonged to a teenager from the 16th or 17th centuries.

The results were presented yesterday by the Dr. Dowd, who stated that “the discovery of the fabulous horn hammer is very exciting. I cannot find any parallels with other finds from Irish archeology”. “It is most likely prehistoric, but tests have not yet been completed to determine the exact date”.

In her presentation, Dr. explained that the cave was used in the Bronze Age, 3,000 years ago, and was again employed at the end of the Middle Ages.

About him antler hammer, it could only be confirmed that it was made with the horns of a Red Deer about 6 and a half years old, while DNA tests are still waiting for the skeleton to determine the sex of the adolescent, although from the bones they can say that it must be dated between 350 and 500 years ago.

Source: Irish Times

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