They find a Spanish ship sunk in the Philippines

They find a Spanish ship sunk in the Philippines

Divers from the Philippine National Museum and the Coast Guard have discovered a ship of the Spanish era loaded with artifacts that sank off Culasi Point in Roxas City.

Lieutenant Commander Algier Ricafrente, Chief of Public Affairs of the Coast Guard, stated that divers and researchers from the National Museum are in constant search in the area where the ship has sunk. “Officials have descended 110 meters under the sea and have carried out an archaeological underwater survey that includes photographic documentation and the recovery of samples from the ship.”, He indicated.

The team has been able to locate and identify the sunken ship that is currently lying on a seabed 110 meters below sea level and was extensively covered with sand and pieces of artifacts that have been scattered in the area.”, He concluded.

Source: Tempo
Torox image on Wikimedia

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