The Night of Broken Glass, the beginning of the Holocaust

The Night of Broken Glass, the beginning of the Holocaust

During the night of November 9-10, 1938 there is an outbreak of violence against Jews throughout the Reich. At first it seemed like a response to murder of German official Ernst vom Rath who was in Paris on the part of the young Jew Herschel Grynszpan. However, the Nazi government with Adolf hitler at the head, I had everything ready.

That night, Nazi anger fell on the Jews giving an idea of ​​what would be unleashed shortly after during the WWII. The German propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, had planned together with other Nazi leaders a action of violence against the Jewish community.

During your visit to Munich, Goebbels makes a distinctly anti-Semitic speech against Jews residing in German lands. Following the fervor generated by the speech, members of the stormtroopers (SA) and other members of the Nazi party decide to attack the Jews.

The attack focused on the destruction of the homes, shops and synagogues of the Jewish community. Such was the destruction that hundreds of synagogues were burned. More than 7,000 shops were destroyed and looted by Nazi party sympathizers, leaving the streets full of shop windows, which is why the event has been baptized as Kristallnacht or 'The Night of Broken Glass'.

Dozens of Jews were killed both on the streets and in their homes. In addition, places such as cemeteries, hospitals or schools were looted. The security forces decided to stay out of the way and let the assailants do.

After this attack, thousands of Jews were imprisoned and taken to concentration camps for the simple fact of being Jews. The events that occurred that night and the following day had serious consequences for the future of the community. Life became much more difficult as they are radically excluded from public life in the Reich.

Some of the consequences was the prohibition of going to public schools, so that thousands of children and adolescents were left without receiving an education. They could no longer run their own businesses, they were only allowed to work in them if they were run by people who did not profess their religion. In addition, a curfew was imposed exclusively for this community.

As a final touch, mention that the Nazi state imposed a fine amounting to 400 million dollars, in addition to beingforced to clean and repair the damage caused during the attacks that night. Nor were they allowed to receive the money that the insurance companies had to give them for the damage, which was confiscated by the State.

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