The Colossus of Amenhotep III is raised in Luxor

The Colossus of Amenhotep III is raised in Luxor

A colossus quartzite with the image of the pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty Amenhotep III, has been raised in the west of Luxor last Saturday. Discovered in 2004 by an Egyptian-European archaeological mission led by Sourouzian Horig in routine excavations, this sculpture It is located 100 meters behind the Colossi of Memnon depicting Pharaoh himself at the main entrance to his temple.

The colossus had been buried in the middle of the Nile, broken into several pieces until its discovery. In 2011, restoration work was completed and Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim now authorized the relocation to its original location.

Sourouzian explained that the statue was one of the two that once stood at the north gate of the temple, but that a great earthquake in 1,200 BC destroyed it entirely.

Ibrahim describes the colossus as a masterpiece of the royal sculpture of Ancient Egypt. It is 13 meters high and represents Amenhotep III, seated on a decorated throne and accompanied by a very well preserved statue of his wife Queen Tiye.

Source: Ahram Online

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