Azeca excavation seeks volunteers

Azeca excavation seeks volunteers

The expedition of Azeca is a continuation of the scientific cooperation that began in 2003 between Tel Aviv University and Heidelberg Universities at the Ramat Rahel excavation. The new Azeca excavation brings together a group of international experts, students and volunteers. ¿Do you want to participate? Participants need to have a optimistic attitude and an adventurous spirit, but otherwise, everyone is welcome.

During the course of the excavation, volunteers will live and work together at the guest house near Nes Harim in northern Israel, which belongs to the Jewish National Fund. All participants will be invited to attend conferences and social and cultural activities. Students will also be able to complete credits from college classes.

It is a very multinational experience and the friendly relationships that people build are truly impressive”Says Dr. Gadot. Add that the project is awaiting the arrival of new volunteers in the countryside. "Team spirit is the most important quality"Says the director of the excavation,"and archeology students who are enthusiastic and adventurous are welcome”.

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