Do you want to help with the Helix excavations?

Do you want to help with the Helix excavations?

Many of us are overwhelmed by the legends of ancient lost cities, but when we are interested in real events, we look for a place where we are welcome. A few days ago we mentioned that there was discovered the city of Helix, the lost city of poseidon, and at this time they are looking for help with the excavation work.

The eternal quest for atlantis It has become more than a legend, a source of inspiration for movies, books and works of art. There are many people who are obsessed with finding mythical cities and some are lucky enough to find at least traces of them.

In 2000, an archaeological team found evidence of a lost ancient city, the city of Hélice, which would have disappeared between 373/372 BC. Since the beginning of this millennium, their search was exhaustive until a few days ago we confirmed their find and at this moment, the team of archaeologists is looking for volunteers to help with the works.

During the summer, all those interested can go to Helix and the best of all is that no prior knowledge is required, because the team will train them in everything that is necessary, as long as they commit to stay there for at least two weeks. The only prerequisite is to be over 18 years old.

The project will take place between the months July and August on the Peloponnese peninsula, with weekends free by nature, so attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy a little of the area. The objective is go ahead with the project and learn as much as possible, not only about the tragic fate of the city, but also about its famous past. Propeller It was a highly developed and influential place, dedicated to the god Poseidon and which for centuries remained at the top, even producing its own coins.

If you want more information, you can consult the call for volunteers of the Helix Project

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