4,500-year-old Sumerian temple found in Ur

4,500-year-old Sumerian temple found in Ur

Iraqi and foreign archaeologists have discovered a temple in the Sumerian city of Ur, dating from about the year 2,500 BC, according to the head of the Department of Antiquities.

So far, scientists have discovered one of the temple walls along with numerous tombs from the same periodsays Hussein Rashid.

Ur It is one of the most fascinating ancient cities in Iraq. Incalculable world value has been given to the treasures of the Sumerian civilization that flourished in the south of the territory.

The Sumerians, whose ethnic and linguistic composition is still a mystery, they invented writing and established a civil system of governance in southern Iraq more than 5,000 years.

An Italian excavation team, in collaboration with their Iraqi colleagues, have discovered the wall of a temple dating back to 2,500 BC at Tel Abu Tabeer in the ancient city of Ur”Says Rashid.

Rashid added that there were three foreign excavation teams currently working in Iraq. It is the first group of foreign archaeologists working in the country for more than two decades.

Rashid Says An American Group Was Going To Iraq To Dig ancient mounds in the southern city of Nasiriyah, the capital of Dhi Qar province where the richest and oldest ruins in Mesopotamia have been found.

He has also said that an Italian group will come to the country to excavate the ancient military city of Assyria, Nimrud, in the north of the province of Nineveh.

The Italian team in Ur is collaborating closely with scientists from Dhi Qar University. Rashid says Italian scientists will give lectures on Iraq's ancient civilizations and languages ​​in English.

Ur is the place dreamed of by foreign scientists specialized in Middle Eastern studies. This place is often referred to in the literature as'the Archaeological Museum of the world'Due to its many ancient sites.

Source: Azzaman

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