On Monday the restoration of the second solar boat of Keops begins

On Monday the restoration of the second solar boat of Keops begins

A few months ago, we pointed out that a Pharaoh Khufu's second solar barque and we detail the steps to be followed by the authorities and investigators. Last Monday, at an international conference to be held in Giza, Egypt, next Monday, the Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim will announce the launch of the second phase, which will consist of the restoration of the solar boat.

The team will collect samples of the ship's wooden beams for analysis in order to develop precise plans for the restoration of the ship in a specific museum you will have on the plateau.

The first phase of the project carried out two years ago, it consisted of evaluating the area surrounding the well where the vessel is located, the construction of a large hangar in a second pit to cover the vessel and protect it, and scanner analysis to deeply document the area.

Now the second phase will begin, where its restoration will begin and they hope to be able to finish it quickly, since the Japanese team working in the area found cracks in the area where the water seeps and has already negatively affected some fragments of wood from the boat.

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