Snow deteriorates the Roman Colosseum and other monuments in the city

Snow deteriorates the Roman Colosseum and other monuments in the city

The heavy snowfall in Rome have caused great damage to the city, being the same Roman Coliseum the main one affected, deteriorating much more despite the fact that it already urgently needed some repairs.

Likewise, partial collapses have been reported in convents of San Francisco and San Bernardino in Urbino, and the newspaper La Repubblica has reported that the roof of the Capuchin Church, outside the city center, it has completely collapsed. It has also suffered water damage the Duomo of the Cathedral, 12th century.

On the other hand, the roof of the Church of the Holy Cross in the nearby town of Urbania it collapsed, while an important collection of paintings, curtains and globes had to be removed from the Ducal Palace of the city, by the fears of a collapse.

The church doors from the 13th century city of Cagli have also been damaged.

In Rome, it was clearly seen to fall fragments of the Colosseum, which is currently closed to tourists. However, the problems of the famous Roman amphitheater, which is located in the center of a busy highway, are not new as it is blackened by pollution and has been losing pieces for years.

The restoration of the Roman Colosseum is scheduled for the beginning of next month, thanks to the financing of the Italian billionaire Diego Della Valle.

Source: News24
Image: IvanPC on Flickr

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