Bronze Age burial site found on Dartmoor

Bronze Age burial site found on Dartmoor

Recent findings in a Bronze Age site on Dartmoor (England), lets us see that one of the first funerary deposits from 4,000 years ago It contained cremated bones and period material, as revealed to us by archaeologists who discovered the site on Whitehorse Hill.

These "deposits”Were built in stone and were used to keep the ashes in it to later be buried. Archaeologists found cremated human bones and a burned textile bag, along with a stitched box. It also contained grains of slate, spherical amber beads, and a band of circular weaving.

The Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA), said in a statement that the discovery could be one of the most important of the last 100 years. As a consequence, all the elements were taken to the conservation laboratory because, according to the same statement, “a large amount of information has been found that does not normally survive”.

The peat and pollen surrounding the reservoir should be analyzed and dated using techniques of Carbon-14 to provide certain evidence about the vegetation and climate existing at the time of burial, and the items will be analyzed to find out how they were made and what materials were used.

Jane Marchand, DNPA Archaeologist, said "This is a more unusual and fascinating insight into how the Bronze Age was on Dartmoor, as it allows us to even know what were the personal objects of the inhabitants of the region 4,000 years ago”.

Source: BBC
Image: DPNA

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