They discover a gold statuette in "El Dorado" in Panama

They discover a gold statuette in

The myth of "El Dorado"Far from being forgotten, it regained its strength as a result of a new archaeological discovery of a gold statuette, which some experts already call historical.

A 700-1000-year-old burial site It has been found in the province of Coclé, in Panama.

East cemetery, of that season pre-columbian, apparently erected to house the remains of the leaders and high dignitaries of the people who ruled those lands more than seven centuries ago, it contains more than twenty mummified bodies, among which is that of a great lord or caudillo, as evidenced by the gold and copper clothing, as well as the linens and grave goods with the that was buried.

The importance of the discovery is capital, since the objects found in the site provide great information that will make it possible to better understand how those peoples of Central America lived and settle some academic discussions such as the one that pointed out that the Panamanian treasures found to date were not indigenous but imported from the south.

Apparently, the impurities of the metal show that the gold was extracted and worked in the locality itself and therefore not obtained through trade with other foreign peoples as some scholars defended to date.

In addition, the researchers seek to obtain answers about the social and military organization of the ancient settlers of Panama, vital information since the orography of the land and the local character of these towns make it difficult to obtain archaeological evidence.

The discovery It has been the result of a long and arduous work that began six years ago and that did not begin to unravel its mysteries until 2009. All in all, this is only a small preview of what it is intended to unravel in the coming years, as it deepens in the excavation and analysis of the remains of this ancient culture.

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