The face of the devil is revealed in a fresco by Giotto

The face of the devil is revealed in a fresco by Giotto

The Italian Art Historian Chiara Frugoni, has discovered the profile of the devil in the clouds from a fresco by Giotto at the top of the Basilica of San Francisco de Asís. The face, with its aquiline nose and an evil smile, is difficult to see from the ground.

The fresco, showing the death of San Francisco, dates from the thirteenth century and its author is Giotto di Bondone, one of the best artists of the early Renaissance.

Frugoni said that until now, it was believed that Andrea Mantegna in the 15th century, he had been the first artist to hide a portrait in the clouds of a work. Moreover, it was believed that it was the work "Saint Sebastian”, Made in 1460, where we find a cloud where a mysterious knight appears.

The Chief Restorer of the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi He said the devil's image could have been a joke of Giotto, directed at someone who had quarreled with him.

Source: BBC

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