Large collection of art found in shed in Poland

Large collection of art found in shed in Poland

Two hundred works of art ranging from the Renaissance to the German Baroque of the Modern Age, have been discovered in a dirty shed in the backyard of a pensioner in Szczecin, Poland, although only one work could be identified, for the moment, a lithograph from 1903 made by Jozef Czajkowski, which provides a clue to the provenance of the other paintings: it is inscribed in the Lost Art Register as it disappeared after the looting of the Silesian Museum Katowice, in southern Poland, during World War II.

Art collection found in Poland

The retiree, a 92-year-old former bricklayer, has recently suffered a series of strokes and is unable to speak, so it is unknown how this collection came to youAlthough preliminary investigations indicate that he found these works in the 1960s, while working on a construction site, and built the shed where he stored the entire collection.

However, according to police reports, it was not a normal shed as it looked like a bunker or bomb shelter, with 30-inch thick walls and metal door, among other features. Unfortunately, he invested all his savings in attention to its security but not in the internal maintenance of the bunker, so the collection has suffered a great deterioration from being exposed to humidity and dust.

The works have been transferred to Szczecin National Museum, where Polish and Italian art historians are evaluating the damage and each of the works, in order to identify each piece.
In the video you can see, raw, some of the works found in this shed.

Source: Telegraph

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