Neanderthals were in fashion

Neanderthals were in fashion

Italy is one of the most important fashion centers in the world, but recent archaeological evidence affirms that this territory has been so for at least 44,000 years. They have found in the Fumane cave, close to the city of Verona and well known for the large number of Paleolithic cave paintings it has (showing extraordinary beauty and being the oldest so far found), hundreds of bones of our ancestors mixed with dozens of birds.

Up to here there is no news, except for the carving they presented (cut and scraped), which indicates that they were not only used as projectiles (too weak for it), but also as jewelry. In addition, the arrows are not from that time, which is the only theory that specialists have been able to conclude after the study carried out.

João Zilhão, from the University of Barcelona, ​​states that with this discovery we would be destroying the myth that makes them «gross«, But, on the contrary, they would be closer in terms of forms with the Homo Sapiens.

Source: National Academy of Sciences

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