Germany returns Mesopotamian ax to Iraq looted in 2003

Germany returns Mesopotamian ax to Iraq looted in 2003

The German government has just handed over to the Iraqi ambassador to his country, an ax over 4,500 years old that belonged to the Mesopotamian city of Ur and that it was used in the famous battle of that city.

The ax was found in Munich and analyzed in the Romano-Germanic Museum to date it, determining that it belonged to that historical date. However, it is not a discovery, but a return because, although it is unknown when it was stolen, it is supposed to have occurred in 2003, when US troops invaded the country, at which time chaos reigned in the country.

In any case, the news that emerges from this is different, and it is the warning that the Iraqi government has given that Germany has become the international center for trafficking in illegal works of art, mainly objects from Iraqi lands, as it is not the first time they have found something there. What's more, in Munich, where was the ax found, a distributor has already been arrested in 2004 and although the name has not transcended this time, it would not be surprising if it was the same.

Another thing that worries the Iraqi authorities is the time it took to confiscate the ax, recognize it and return itIt is a clear indication of all the way that remains to be able to definitively eradicate the illegal smuggling of works of art from Germany, as well as to recover the treasures that Iraq has from its past.

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